Sunday, 5 May 2013


Striker- Striker- Striker- Striker-STRIKER-STRIKER!

Ted Striker?

What a pisser!
Well at Swansea, we may as well have used the character from the 1980 comedy-parody film “Airplane!” (for those too young to remember this brilliant film).

Never has Mancini’s repeated, weekly lament about our efforts in front of goal been proven with such emphasis. I don’t know if Tevez was on the bench for simply, 'resting' purposes; perhaps a niggley injury or, maybe, ‘other’ reasons; but there he sat…and sat for most of the game. And Aguero had another one of his somewhat unexplainable (up to now at least) ‘off days’;

including another pitch-exit where he looked barley able to walk! I swear he’s carrying a more serious injury – he looks more ‘sore’ than Yaya at times…

And then there’s Dzeko. Dzeko, who gave yet another perfect example (just like his performances at Goodison Park and White Hart Lane to name just two recent…“displays”) of why he is being sold in the summer. Hardly a, ‘Come and get me; look how good I am’ performance though...

Silva too; as much as I love the little genius-magician of course; his worst attribute has to be his ‘shooting’.

So there you have it, several highly skilled footballers who couldn’t hit a barn door (with a brightly-coloured target painted on) with their finger over the button of a pre-programmed, high-tech missile. Bit harsh perhaps... 8- )

At the very least – IF Mancini needed to convince Khaldoon, Ferran(Soriano) & Txiki even more-so that we need to sign 2 top strikers in the summer – then it was there for all to see, all-too-clearly.

And when you chuck in a laboured display from a tired-looking Yaya, average performances from everyone else, poor shooting also from Swansea and a referee who didn’t see the foul committed by Nastasic in the penalty area as one worthy of a spot kick; then you’re left with exactly what it said on the tin…0-0.

So Mancini is now left with having to, perhaps, pick a slightly stronger team than he would have liked against West Brom on Tuesday, ahead of the F.A. Cup on Saturday; in an effort to all but secure 2nd place (so that the team can focus/relax a little more ahead of that all-important game to "complete" our season).

Never do things easy, do we?

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