Friday, 24 May 2013

Soriano talks like an EXPERIENCED City fan.


Too many times recently have I cringed whenever I’ve heard Manchester City fans boast about what we’re gonna win or achieve. Confidence is one thing; arrogance is best left to those who “follow” that lot over the border…

Since coming into a little bit of cash in recent years - and since we’ve started signing some stellar names - it’s completely normal that expectation levels amongst City fans will rise. And, of course, we HAVE won 4 trophies in 3 seasons following decades of bare trophy-cabinet shelves.

But with a few exceptions (I must get that in); talk to City fans who started following in the last 5 seasons or so and talk to ones who have 20 to 50 years under their belts and the difference is there for all to see.

Those longer in the tooth, in terms of following the ‘great unpredictables‘, will, in the main (there are exceptions there too), have a more calm, measured…almost unintentional pessimism when asked about the prospects of Manchester City; whether that be season expectations, a particular competition…or even just about an up & coming game.

Me? An alien?

Whenever I’ve been forced into such a conversation with a red, for example, I’m sure they believe that I’m being less than honest when I don’t bang on about us conquering the world. Whenever I’ve tired to sensibly predict something like us-finishing in the top 2 or 3 and perhaps getting to the final of the League or F.A. Cup – adding that we’re not ready to go all the way in the Champion’s League – they look at me as though I’ve got two green heads! It’s quite amusing to watch really…

But yes, I will admit that going into the F.A. Cup Final against Wigan - although not complacent whatsoever - I am slightly disappointed that we did the hard part (in beating Chelsea in the Semi) and couldn’t quite finish it off with a win against Wigan.

Finishing 2nd and winning the F.A. Cup as oppose to “just finishing 2nd“ has a very different ring to it.

But regarding the Champions League, for example, I’ve said it time and time again; we need to establish ourselves more as a domestic force before we consider getting ourselves to the final (or there abouts) of THREE cup competitions as WELL as trying to win the Premier League (surely our main priority-goal at this point in our development). We’re not that strong in terms of quality in depth nor experience as a growing team just yet.

So it heartens me to read Ferran Soriano’s comments in a recent interview where, amongst other sensible remarks, he says,

“It doesn’t mean we are going to win one or two titles, but in the grand scheme of things, if we look at the next five years and I could plan now, I would say I want to win five trophies in the next five years.

“That may mean we win no trophies one year and two in another, but on average, I want one trophy or title a year. That is the Champions League, the Premier League or the Cup.

“If next year we don’t win, but progress our football and get to the semi-finals of the Champions League, finish second in the Premier League and lose the FA Cup Final again, that will be fine.

“That is because we will have progressed in the way our football develops”.

Yes I'm sick as a parrot whenever we lose and yes it even takes me a couple of days to shrug off a defeat in a game where we underperformed badly or "should have won".
And of COURSE I want us to win the Premier League next season and a domestic trophy chucked into the mix would be a very welcome, added bonus. Get into the knock-out phases of the Champions League too if we can – I am, after all, a glass half full man…but a realistic one.

I can only hope that Soriano’s words are music to the majority of Manchester City fan’s ears as much as they are to mine.

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