Tuesday, 14 May 2013

So he’s gone…

THIS…is how it feels to be City! Well for the most of us, most of the time anyway. For any relative new-comers young or otherwise out there…welcome to 'the pain'!

I’ve already heard the words “laughing stock” from a fellow sufferer and I can understand that. If Chelsea had won the league this season (leaving Manyoo with nothing but a change in manager and a sorry-looking Robin Van Persie) and we’d have been beaten by a team in the F.A. Cup Final who weren’t threatened with relegation; then I can’t imagine me ever hearing the those words about the last few days - even if Mancini HAD been sacked.

"They're firing sir; they're firing!"

The fact is, however, that’s we’ve been buffeted and battered since Friday afternoon BEFORE the Final; when the first real rumours of our departing Manager surfaced.

Since then, a tin hat just hasn’t been enough.

-          We lose to Wigan in a gutless display for millions to watch around the world

-          Mancini was left hanging out to dry by an unforgiving Khaldoon and Board (disgusting!)

-          Manyoo celebrate THEIR changing of the guard and pick up the trophy by beating Swansea right at the end of the game; just one day after our Wembley humbling

-          Wigan’s parade yesterday

-          Manyoo’s parade yesterday

-          Not only plenty of TV, radio and other media pro-Manyoo & Wigan stuff but also negative stories about Mancini and City.
Christ! Pellegrini has not even been confirmed yet and already some sports journalist on TV this morning has combed over the Chilean’s...“negative points”!

And if all that weren’t bad enough, allegedly, in a posting on another blog; our very own David White not only reckons that we’re getting Jose Mourinho but reckons, also, that most City fans WANT the ‘special one’!

I hope you’ve been misquoted there David…

And spare a moment for the employees of the City shop in Manchestersome of which, I’m sure, aren’t even City fans - where saddo “reds” paraded in front of with banner an’ stuff.
Not that they’re embittered or anything like that of course…

Tin hat? You’d have been excused for wearing full body armour!

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