Tuesday, 9 December 2014

v Roma

Having spent some CONSIDERABLE time posting my last Blog entry and uploading pictures etc., I hope you can appreciate that I only intend to do a short pre-Roma posting.


And with team news only trickling in and being speculative at best, I’m not claiming this to be one of my most accurate predictions…


The team

Straight to it then really – predicted starting 11, subs and outcome for Wednesday's game...
Hart to continue in net.
Clichy, similarly, and I’m going for Vinny to have recovered enough to get selected ahead of Mangala. I say Mangala because I’m going for our manager to go for the experience of the Argentine over the pace and strength of the Frenchman. His pace and energy might be required later on in the game. Zaba on the right.
Before a couple of days ago I have to admit that I wasn’t aware of Yaya being suspended for this one. However, suspended he is and so Fernando and the recovering Fernandinho to play centre stage.
Milner left, Samir ‘just behind’ and the pacy Navas on the right. Dzeko to start ahead of the recovering (also) Jovetic.
Strong-looking bench – in addition to Willy the defensive flanks are covered with Kolarov & Sagna; with the extra option of Alek’s wing-play / crosses and free kicks. Lampard to add his vast European experience and assist / goal threat and in addition to Stevan being fit enough for the bench, I’m going for David to be likewise.
Result? Although at home I think they will sit deep; defend in a very organised way, try to draw us out and then hit us on the counter. It’ll be a very close first half.
We need to score first to stop them from deploying their plan to good effect and I think we WILL score…eventually. Sadly I think they will also but as long as we can maintain a score draw, we only need Bayern to beat CSKA at home to then go through. A score draw it is then and, so, into the last 16 we go!

Domestic cup draw

Sheffield Wednesday at home in the F.A. Cup isn’t a bad one…

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