Sunday, 14 December 2014

Putting this one out there...

With Aguero most likely out for at least another 5 or 6 weeks, Dzeko probably at least 4 and Jovetic now possibly out for a fortnight, it got me thinking about a possible - and realistic - January target.

Let's pip old 'arry to this one

He's managed him before and is, apparently, sniffing around him with a possible move in January. And if his current overseas club are WILLING to let him go then we could do far worse than make a move for...Jermain Defoe.

He ticks all the boxes:

* He knows the Premier League very well

* Wherever he plays he always hovers somewhere between a 1 in 2 / 1 in 3 goals-per-game rate

* At just turned 32, Jermain still has decent pace

* More importantly...he's English.

With F(not so)FP to consider, we also have to bare in mind that we already have our full quota of foreign players. This move is, therefore, an absolute 'no brainer' really.

Being only 1 year into a 4 year deal with Toronto FC, even at 32 the Canadian club would command a reasonably high asking price for the ex-England striker. But I'm sure it's something we could afford - and afford with the restrictive ruling in mind - and with a quick word or two in the ear from Frank Lampard; I'm sure fellow Londoner Jermain could be tempted to join the champions of England.

Step forward midfielders...literally

I'm convinced that, for the next few weeks at least, we have enough in our midfield locker to more than cope. We certainly have the creativity and, I believe, the goals 'in there' to tick along nicely up to Christmas and into the new year. And, to be honest, a 4-5-1 / fluid 4-6-0 quite excites me (as long as it yields results of course).

But with our injury record at the moment we can't rely on that for too long - an injury to Yaya (and we're about to lose him to the African Cup of Nations in January anyway); Super goal-poacher Frank or another breakdown with the highly creative David and we could really start to struggle without a recognised, out & out striker.

Although we might have to offer the ex-Charlton Athletic youth, West Ham, Bournemouth, Tottenham and Portsmouth man a 3-year deal and similar weekly wage to the one he's on in Canada (and a map of how to get to places North of Watford), the acquisition of Jermain makes PERFECT sense to me - he'd THRIVE on the service our players can provide!

He has just had, in November, corrective surgery to solve a groin / hernia issue and so, I suppose, that's a risk. But IF the problem has been corrected and he's now on the road to recovery, go get him City...


  1. Steve. I say get guidetti back, match fit at celtic and from the acaademy so ticks the boxes. What about robbie keane

    1. I've been saying for some time now that I'd like to see John get a run (although, of course, that's been impossible with Aguero being in such brilliant form) but sadly he doesn't appear to be wanted at City any longer.

      I've thought about Robbie Keane (good shout) and he certainly is a very good goal-scorer; he's still bagging plenty in the US. But whenever I've seen him of late, his pace appears to have left him. Does he have too little pace for the Prem? Perhaps not; possibly worth a go.

      This morning the Manchester Evening News are touting 5 possibilities in this difficult transfer window but only one of them is English, which is WBA's Saido Berahino. If we were to get any of the other 4 then, presumably, another foreign national would have to drop out of the current squad. That, presumably, would apply if Robbie Keane were to join us too of course.

    2. Steve
      Thats why I would call guidetti back. Sod celtic they'll win the mickey mouse league with or without him. At least we could then say he was given a chance and run of games. No decent striker really available who wont be cup tied.

    3. Yep, I'd have him back...and not just in the 'better than nothing' category either.