Friday, 29 September 2017

Another flippin' Blog annoucement...

For reasons I won't go into regarding 'happenings' over the last 7 days, I am forced to announce yet another break in service prior to our next match - if I did go into it all, it would just turn into a moaning Blog-posting itself!


Basically, if it could have gone wrong it did...


Briefly, regarding City however; my previously-posted fears about our slightly-thin defensive personnel and VERY thin attacking line are already starting to surface; with the long-term injury to Benjamin Mendy and possible fairly-long 'time out' of Sergio Aguero following his recent car accident.


For those reasons, this weekend's difficult away game at Chelsea tomorrow has now been made even more so, I would say. However, with the quality we have otherwise and especially across the middle; I would predict a good away draw for City.

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