Sunday, 13 March 2016

What the Bony-hell was he thinking?!

Scapegoat for yesterday’s ‘dropped points’? Yeah, why not…

Spring optimism turned cold

The line-up was announced and, sorry if I woke-up anyone around the world trying to sleep, but my jaw hit the floor with a THUD! Wilfried Bony a player in largely poor form whenever chances come around; a player that I gave plenty of leeway and defended a lot throughout his injury & illness-plagued City career – had an AWFUL game against Aston Villa last-time-out but yet, despite decent performances and a decent amount of goals; poor Kelechi Iheanacho had to sit on the side yesterday and watch our manager’s ‘preferred choice’ lumber around the pitch looking lost.

The Ivorian is ‘just not for us / our style’ and so I have to ask, is there a clause in his contract that we have to play him so many times for a reason my head can’t even contemplate? If not, then I have to say that as much as I love our ‘Charming Man’ not least for the fact that he’s won the Premier League and 2 League Cups in 2-¾ seasons…he doesn’t half make some bloody baffling decisions!

Other than that, I thought most departments / players played well yesterday; we certainly dominated possession away from home and had some chances to win it.

League title chances gone?

Well forgetting Arsenal & Tottenham Hotspur for a moment; IF Newcastle United can have a ‘new manager reaction’ tomorrow night and take ‘all 3’ away at Leicester City then we’re 9 points behind with a game in hand. Put another way, IF we then beat that same-said Newcastle side in our ‘game in hand’ then we’re “just” yer-6-points behind. Ever the optimist...

But if Leicester win tomorrow night then I’ll concede with gritted teeth; frustrated that our manager managed to ‘pull out another bizarre one’ out of the hat to lean on the blue self-destruct button a little more.

A draw at the King Power Stadium on Monday night? Well, it’s pretty much ‘as you were’…just one less game for an increasingly unlikely turnaround to happen.

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