Thursday, 3 March 2016

Liverpool result fallout

Just a brief piece – just wanted to 'bang out' a few words after last night’s 3-0 defeat.

What it means

Well, first of all, simply put…Liverpool clearly recovered from the weekend Wembley clash far better than we did – they had a ‘zip’ about their gameplay; we looked largely dull & plodding and, not for the first time, ‘general fitness issues’ at our club will be questioned once again. This won’t be an issue under Pep from next season onwards I’m sure…

As far as our Premier League challenge is concerned; I can fully understand, from looking at the league table, that most Blues will now be throwing their hands up in the air and conceding that we now-just need to ensure that we finish in the top 4 (preferably top 3) - Leicester City are, after all, now 10-points clear of us. And although we have a game-in-hand (away at Newcastle UnitedTBA) it means we have to see The Foxes lose at least 2 games for us to-then be within striking distance; a team who have only lost 3 games all season!

But the optimistic side of me is JUST about still shouting louder than the ‘glass half empty’ side…and here’s why:

-       Despite last night’s defeat being a bit of a big blow, I’ll admit; of the mid-week games Leicester City dropped 2 home points in their 2-2 draw with West Bromwich Albion, Arsenal dropped 3 home points losing 1-2 to Swansea City and Tottenham Hotspur lost away 1-0 to West Ham United. Result? Very, very little change from how we all stood after last weekend’s results. Manyoo, unfortunately, have chipped away at us during our 3-game, back-to-back losing streak in the league; have found some league form themselves and have caught up with us points-wise.

-       Leicester City are coming into a period of games throughout March & April against teams who are scrapping for their lives...and the likes of Newcastle United & Sunderland usually start fighting like crazy this time of the season! They’ve also got not-yet-safe Crystal Palace and last night’s Emirates winners - and relegation strugglers - Swansea City too over the next few months. And then comes a tough-looking May for them, with Manyoo (A), Everton (H) and finally Chelsea (A).

-       We have Aston Villa at home next - a relegation fodder side who DO look doomed!

-       After that? A scrapping-for-their-lives also Norwich City away, a team who rarely look forward to playing their bogey side…US!

So there you have it – a ‘glass half full’ look at the next couple of weeks. If we DON’T get 6 points from the next 2 games before a home game in the ‘anything can happen’ Manchester v Trafford derby at the end of March then I will finally concede the league…I think.

As for now, we fight on…

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