Monday, 21 September 2015

Season Predictions.

As I have been continually promising on & off over the last few weeks I’ve finally put together a ‘prediction piece’.

As I also explained, there was no point in producing any predictions until the transfer window closes for fairly obvious reason.

I did intend, however, to release this piece closer to the window closing but a week’s holiday abroad ‘n’ stuff has delayed it until now. Apologies.

Past predictions…

Now, of course, there’s PLENTY of room for error in-trying to predict every, single team-finishing place…but it’s a bit of a personal challenge and in many ways just a bit of fun of course.
But what I will say is that with regards to City’s predictions I’ve not done TOO badly if I could be so bold.
Firstly, you’ll have to trust that I both got the prediction right in the 2010/11 season that, under Roberto Mancini, we’d achieve some kind of silverware. And we did – the F.A. Cup.
Secondly, you’d have to believe me AGAIN that in the following season (2011/12) we’d win the league. And we did – in dramatic style against QPR I think most of you might recall…
I didn’t start Blue chews-daze until the back end of 2012/13; that frustrating season where we just didn’t make a fist of a challenge to Manyoo for the title and then completely blew our consolation prize of an F.A. Cup trophy against Wigan Athletic; Roberto’s final act as Manchester City Manager.

And so my first blog prediction came ahead of the 2013/14 season:
League prediction: 1st
Actual finishing position: 1st
For some reason I just can’t find a cup prediction in my archives for this season but I’m flippin’-well SURE (and frustratingly puzzled as to why I can’t find it) that I predicted a League Cup final place at least, which we then ended up winning against Sunderland 

My second in 2014/15:
League prediction: 1st
Actual finishing position: 2nd
Cup predictions:
League Cup prediction: Quarter final
League Cup outcome: Fourth Round
F.A. Cup prediction: Finalist at least
F.A. Cup outcome: Fourth round
Champions League prediction: Round of 8 (quarter finals)
Champions League outcome: Round of 16
Not a GREAT season prediction-wise…

So this season and starting with the league…

1st Manchester City (Up one from last season…AND CHAMPS!)
2nd Manyoo (Up two…and league 'runners up')
3rd Chelsea (Down two…and but still in an automatic Champs League spot)
4th Arsenal (Down one…and forced through the Champs League qual games)
5th Swansea City (Up three…and into a Europa spot)
6th Tottenham Hotspur (Down one…and into a Europa spot)
7th Liverpool (Down one…and possibly into a Europa spot)
8th West Ham United (Up four…and joint-best league climbers’ form last season)
9th Crystal Palace (Up one)
10th Leicester City (Up four…and joint-best league climbers’ form last season)
11th Southampton (Down four)
12th Everton (Down one)
13th Watford (Not applicable)
14th West Bromwich Albion (Down one)
15th Stoke City (Down six…and biggest league fallers from last season)
16th Bournemouth (Not applicable)
17th Newcastle United (Down two)
18th Aston Villa (Down one…and relegated)
19th Norwich City (Not applicable…and relegated)
20th Sunderland (Down four…and relegated as the bottom side)

So there you have it, we’re gonna win the league!
Manyoo to be the strongest challengers, I think; although before Chelsea’s ‘orrible start to the season I did have The Pensioners 2nd and Manyoo 3rd. Chelsea will rise and rise [to eventual 3rd place] in the long, long season ahead…

Other notable finishing places…

…include an impressive 5th place for Swansea; a team quite rightly getting a lot of plaudits from many in the footballing world and a team who can not only hurt you what they attack but, I’ve noticed, can be so stubborn and eke out a draw when 'under the cosh'.
West Ham & Leicester to equal the highest climbers; both doing well under their new managers and sandwiched between them, Crystal Palace to continue their steady one-place climb year on year.

Watford to have a very impressive and respectable mid-table finish in their first season back in England’s top division; Bournemouth too to have a slightly nervy last few weeks, perhaps, but to have enough in their locker to survive.
Stoke are the biggest fallers but remain safe; Newcastle to just about 'scrape it' having scrapped for their lives.
The fallers are Villa (despite Tim Sherwood’s motivational skills…if he lasts to the end that is), Yo-yo club Norwich and disaster club Sunderland to FINALLY crash through the trap door…although they’ll probably change their manager some-time in early 2016 (if not before) and try to amass a fightback.


As for City and ‘the cups’…

League Cup – Quarter Final
F.A. Cup – Finalists at least and, therefore, very possible winners
Champions League – Round of 8 (quarter finals)

You havin’ that? Premier League Champions & F.A. Cup finalist / possible winners; with some ‘advancement’ in Europe? I’ll take that.
Enough to keep Manuel Pellegrini in his job next season? Well it should be…but I suspect the ‘Pep thing’ might already have been agreed; leaving our ‘charming man’ with a 1-year, pay-off-contract-extension bonus to look forward to…


  1. heheh! okay you are right in 2 things, EPL and UEFA. I vote for City Champs of capital 1 cup also, and quater finals FA.

    1. I'd like the League Cup too - hope you're right!

      Thanks for reading / commenting Baba...