Thursday, 17 September 2015

Lime green? LIME…GREEN?!

The rumours / leaked kits a while back suggested / showed a luminous yellow & black number…and they weren’t TOO far off, sadly.

Tradition has well ‘n’ truly gone…

 Okay, I’m not naïve to the fact that, these days, it’s all about what the “Marketing guys & girls” think will sell the best, WAY over a football club’s traditions. I don’t think club tradition even comes into their thoughts anymore. But I’m still not having it!

And I understand also that you can’t always bring out the same colour away kits each & every year; especially if your intension as a football club / kit supplier is to GET those high sales.

However, I’m sure there’s enough room and enough imagination out there to rotate, to some degree, our more-traditional red & black and maroon colours. Chuck in a 3rd white’ish kit with flashes of either in it and you’ve got a smart set of kits there in my humble opinion.

In recent years what the hell is all this black, navy blue and yellow-flashes (to name just three) all about?! What, in Colin Bell’s name, has any of that got to do with Manchester City Football Club?

More to the point, why does there never seem to be a ‘fan furore’ about the away kit colours like there was last season when Nike brought out an all blue home kit with no white in it? Is nobody going to stand up and shout…Oi! Nnoooo!

I’ve contacted the club over the years and from time to time whenever we’ve brought out an abomination and I get mostly ‘standard replies’ about “what sells”; stopping short of the old England grey-kit line that went, “…it goes well with jeans”. Remember that designers' excuse?

I’ve even contacted the club to ask why, as other clubs used to do years ago, representative fans can’t get involved with the design of kits and, similarly, I have always been given some swift, brush-off answer.

But see what happens when this DOESN’T happen…

Does this top go well with jeans? I dunno. But I suppose at least it keeps fans safer crossing the road at night matches…

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