Sunday, 17 November 2013

Half-term report…and updated pictures.

I’ve just passed the 6 month stage from the date where I started this Manchester City Football Blog, way back on 28th April 2013 (when Mancini was still in charge!) So if you can spare a moment I would be very grateful if regular readers (and first time visitors) could post a comment to let me know what you think of my Blog site so far.

Learning curve.

I don’t mind how honest (please keep it clean though of course); I’ve never done a Blog before and so I need to know what’s good, what could be better and what’s down-right awful and / or annoying to readers. Please tell me what you think.

Equally if you have any ideas for new pages and/or features then I would be happy to take on board new ideas. I can’t promise that I’ll employ them but, then again, I just might!

With regards to the regularity of posts, I try to do at least 2 per week, sometimes but rarely 3. I find that any more and I’ll be in danger of talking subjects to death for the sake of it and / or coming up with less interesting snippets to ramble on about. I also work pretty-much full time and find that Tuesdays, Friday nights / Saturday mornings and Sundays are best for waffling on. I also don’t yet own a tablet or laptop and so can’t yet get stuff down at work on my dinner or when away on short breaks or full holidays.

I’m aware that I do lots of pre-match work and don’t necessarily do much in the way of post-match analysis (apart from ‘back comments’ just before the next match). Again I would be interested to see if I have the balance about right for peoples' enjoyment and information.

I try not to repeat what’s already out there already (what would be the point?) and try also, where possible, to take a different and quirky side-look at all things Manchester City and footy in general; injecting humour wherever I can.


-          General layout (although I’m no expert – I just experiment)

-          Colours

-          Other pages / features

-          Length of articles in general

-          Hyperlinks (are they useful or unnecessary?)

I’m also aware that when first posting there might be a few spelling, grammatical and / or layout issues; I do eventually spot and then edit them as soon as possible - then again, the Blog is call Blue Chews-daze…and I am often 'in one' when I’m typing away.

Thank you.

As promised…

Sam (my pet Westie) got a good walk today from City’s new training development and so here are some picture updates following the last lot

Bit of a grey day and it's not the finniest camera around...
First of all, here's a picture of what was the main, walk-in entrance to the corner of the East / South Stand of the main stadium from Alan Turing Way, which has now been blocked off in preparation for work on the connecting bridge that will link the Etihad Stadium to the training complex...
The 7,500-seater stadium where the EDS will play their games. It's coming along nicely! I wonder what the exit plan is from Hyde FC (can't believe we got them to drop the name United as part of the deal to 'do up' their ground and pitch while we use it) and how it will affect them?


I think a few more smaller-training-pitch floodlights have gone up - Interesting hey?

The players main training pitch surrounded by a stadium-like structure...

St. Mark's Church proudly sits in the background from the development; the birthplace of Manchester City F.C.


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