Monday, 30 September 2013

Pellegrini needs to learn…

…and he needs to learn quickly.

Shared blame

Of course the away defeat to Villa and the draw away at Stoke is not only the Manger’s fault; certain players (usually the same culprits) need a long, hard look at themselves and their performances too.

But Brian Kidd (or someone) needs to have a word with Manuel soon and point out the following…

  • You can’t weaken a team away from home in the Premier League too much and not expect to drop points. It’s a very dangerous game you’re playing and 1 point from a possible 9 (and we were very lucky to come away from Stoke with that point) is not title challenging form. In fact, considering we’ve played Cardiff City, Stoke City and Aston Villa it’s pretty-damn appalling really.

  • Kolarov is simply not a defender (when will someone at City finally realise this?) At best – and I’m being very kind here even finding a place for him in a Premier League team starting 11 – he’s a left-sided attacking winger.

  • Similarly, you can’t play a left-sided combo of Nasri and Kolarov! For all his improvement (attitude, quality and work-rate-willingness to track back) under our new Manager compared to how unhappy and poor he was under Mancini; Samir is still never going to provide the kind of defensive cover (when required) the likes of Milner & Silva can. And when Kolarov’s about, it’s pretty much required for most of the game!

  • And at the risk of going on about it TOO much; go and get a flippin’ good left-back in the January transfer window Manuel…like you should have done in the summer! Clichy just has no competition whatsoever.

  • Away from home, is Fernandinho really the answer to sitting in front of the back 4 while Yaya is doing damage at the other end? He’s no Nigel de Jong. More like the sorely-missed Dutchman is Jack Rodwell; even Milner being played in that role makes more sense to me. Forget Garcia

The old, all-too-familiar 'self destruct' button gets leant on again...

Talk about shooting ourselves in the flippin’ foot against Villa! 67% possession away from home, 20 shots (compared to 8) and 13 corners to their 2 and we STILL concede 3 goals and get beat!

It’s just over 40 hours since the final whistle went and I still feel sick. Although it has to be seen as somewhat fortunate; what an opportunity missed as both Chelsea and Spurs cancel each other out with a point a piece and Manyoo car crash at home to WBA!

I hope the players can pick themselves up for the Bayern game on Wednesday night more than I can because, personally, this all-too-obvious obsession with a European competition taking over our League campaign is starting to nark me to the point where I’m not bothered at ALL about the Champions League. At the very least the rested players need to play like their lives depended on it even if it’s only for the Manager’s sake.

But having paid a whopping £43 (for the privilege?) for such a potential spectacle against the German side, I suppose I’ll have to turn up and look like I’m bovered.

Sorry for sounding so frustrated and irritated, hopefully normal service will resume shortly…

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