Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Pap and not Pep…

As posted in late July I had serious concerns about the link - and possible acquisition - of Pepe from Real Madrid. He might well be a very good and very experienced defender but I was really turned off him...and it wasn’t his advancing years and subsequent price tag that was putting me off. Rather it was his fiery, ‘red mist’ and downright nasty temperament. Thankfully that one LOOKS to be dead in the water.




So it might surprise some to hear me get quite excited about being linked with a chap called Kyriakos Papadopoulos from German side Schalke 04. Why surprised? Well if you’ve seen his YouTube clips he too looks like a bit of a nutter.

However, if you HAVE studied various Pepe and Papa videos closely – and read a variety of reports on both – whereas the old, should-know-better Pepe is far more nasty and hot-headed; the much younger Greek defender's 'gritted teeth moments' are more like untamed passion.



What else?

For a stocky, strong-looking defender the guy has pace too, something, which, a lot of City fans have been quietly saying our defence lacks at times. He looks to have good timing in the tackle too…and of course there’s no questioning his all important attitude and commitment.

And at just 21-½ years of age, how perfect to build a solid foundation for the future?

We were linked with this chap not too long before rumours started about Roberto leaving the Blues; being tipped as a summer transfer target back in February/March of this year. There’s still time of course and I’m really hopeful that we’ll at least make some enquiries.

Other links

Also circling in the press are links with someone at the other end of their footballing career in the form of Napoli’s Captain and centre back Paolo Cannavaro. Just turned 32, he has BAGS of top flight experience and, in particular, Champions League experience. Totally different kettle of fish from the Greek but the signing still has it’s merits. Seems to be a very low key, professional player indeed and a well respected one I’m sure; despite the lack of first team appearances for his country.

Doesn’t look particularly slow either for a 32-year old but I’m guessing this signing wouldn’t exactly address any ‘lack of pace’ issues we might have at the back to any great degree.

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