Monday, 22 July 2013

Yer standard black...

So this is City's new away kit for 2013/14...

Two-tone black

Smart enough. And I'm sure when seen in it's entirety, with black shorts and socks; the lads will 'look the part'. But, as I've mentioned before, it's just not City. It doesn't remind me whatsoever of the St. Mark's days (the suggestion doing the rounds) - where's the white cross?

No, this is one of those 'standard' kits that clubs bring out when all involved [in the creation of a new kit] have not had their creative cup of coffee - either an all black / all dark grey / all navy blue number. Boring.

And at a whopping £55 for adults (£60 for long sleeves) and £42 for kids, sorry, parents; a bit of a rip-off too. Having said that, I'm now hoping they'll bring out a 3rd kit and redeem themselves a little with something more interesting...and more Manchester City!

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