Sunday, 14 July 2013

Aguero, Dzeko, Guidetti…Jovetic AND Negredo?

Is it possible that we will start the season with 5 strikers in contention for a starting place? That would appear to be the suggestion in recent days.

Keeping all happy...and not just the strikers.

Using 3 of those in Pellegrini’s 4-3-3 come attacking 4-5-1 would keep most of those forwards reasonably happy (with the other 2 on the bench) but with our army of midfielders; it’s unavoidable that a few noses will get pushed out somewhere.

Shear class and unless injured/fatigued or dropped for tactical reasons; surely our Argentinean hero will get more starts than not.

The ‘Edin debate’ is a clear and well documented one, with most agreeing that he CAN be a very useful and dangerous striker and one, which, was used incorrectly under Roberto Mancini’s reign. Edin isn’t a back-to-goal type striker; anyone with any decent knowledge of football can see that he would thrive on the kind of service where he attacks the ball in front of goal. With the wider options now available to us in midfield supplying the ammo; this season could see a much-revitalised Bosnian...and Pellegrini seems keen for Edin to stay.

Exploding onto the scene in Holland for Feyenoord with a whopping 23 goals in 20 games in 2011/2012; the eternal question being asked by Blues fans is, “Can he ‘do it’ in the Premier League?” Until he is given a go we can, of course, never answer that question. But under Pellegrini it’s odds-on that he will get his chance this season. If he’d have stayed free of injury last season, Guidetti would have been given his chance to play under our new Manager at Malaga; as the Chilean wanted to take the Swedish striker from City on loan. John must have been buzzing when he heard who Mancini’s replacement was going to be and I for one hope he can recover from his physical setbacks and grab his chance with both hands feet.

Stevan Jovetic:


I was openly and very recently a little cool on Stevan and I don’t mind back-peddling a little now; admitting that I may have been a little harsh just 4 days ago. My concerning issue with the Montenegrin was that we needed to replace both Balotelli and Tevez and I just didn’t see Jovetic’s striking record being able to hold-up in the Premier League; being as he is about a 1 in 4 striker for both Partizan and Fiorentina. Even periodic viewing at his ‘best bits’ on YouTube (most of us do it I’m sure) between 6 and 24 months ago - when we were first linked with him - didn’t convince me. But the guy doesn’t seem to play as a direct, up-front striker most of the time (like the next fella on the list) and if we ARE to bring in two new strikers before the start of the season; I can see now how his trickery and creativity (as well as an ability to score too of course) in an “advanced” rather than an “out & out striker” role would prove very useful indeed.


This guy excites me. His stats suggest that he’s a late bloomer; getting better and better with each season. He didn’t break into the national side until he was 24 and being as it is, a tremendously difficult team to muscle into; 6 goals in 14 appearances for Spain is impressive in itself. And on the verge of his 28th birthday he’s about to come into his ‘peak age’ for an outfield player. Strong and direct; the Spanish striker has a crackin’ powerful and accurate shot on him. And being left-footed I can just see him being perfect for Manuel’s fluidic and changeable system; perhaps being used to ‘come in from the left’ from time to time.

So perhaps there IS a place for all 5 strikers. I can just see on occasions, for example, something like…

_____________Aguero OR Dzeko_____________









Left on the side-line

But, of course, and getting back to my point about some faces being shoved out, that line-up/formation would see Barry, Garcia, Rodwell, Sinclair, Milner, Yaya, Nasri, Guidetti (and Aguero OR Dzeko) fighting/settling for a place on the bench!

As a fan at least, that’s a nice position to see our team in, isn’t it?


  1. Homegrown Gudette is by far the most Exciting talent after Class footballer Kun Aguero!

    1. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to seeing what John can do. Whatever you may think of the quality of the Dutch league, 23 goals in 20 games more than suggests that he has the talent to succeed that you refer to.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Steve, I've still got bad memories of watching a Best Of Samaras video on YouTube. Based on how toss he turned out, I reckon you or me could score 20 a season in Holland.

    1. I know what you mean Mike 8- ). I was only talking to a Celtic fan yesterday who himself STILL can't warm to Samaras...and that's at Scottish football level!

      I have definitely had my fingers burnt with regards to watching players' YouTube footage and find that I scrutinise them much more (ironically since the Samaras episode) and try to trust my instincts whilst watching them more too.

      For no particular reason I haven't looked for any Guidetti footage from his time in Holland but have, instead, looked for comments from Blues who have watched him for the EDS; trying to gauge some insight into the player. Unfortunately the messages are very mixed - some can't see him having a future at Premier League level at all (calling him too bulky and slow) while others just can't see that and, instead, go on to praise his fine finishing ability; believing that he will make it.

      In support of the former comments, I have read recently that he has tried to address his (apparent) lack of pace by training with a professional athlete sprinter; trying to improve his burst of speed over short distances.

      I hope he can make an impact but as much as Pellegrini showed interest in taking him on loan last season, if we DO start the season with these 5 strikers I can see another frustrating season at City for him.