Saturday, 6 January 2018

No pre-match posting v Burnley.

Hi folks.

Basically, I just haven't had time to prepare and release the usual, pre-match Blog-posting for today's F.A. Cup game against Burnley. Soz.

Quick comment though - I was as surprised (even shocked with the likes of De Bruyne, David Silva & Fabian Delph) as a lot of Blues were to see such a strong line-up v Watford last Tuesday but I was certainly not disappointed. Maintaining our exceptionally large gap at the top of the Premier League is most important as we head into the second half of the season that is littered with various cup fixtures to test the joints and energy levels of our players. So that victory was, for me, another vital one.

And there would appear to be no rest for 'em either, with Pep answering the question yesterday about him-possibly resting players and introducing younger lads for either or both the Burnley clash and the Bristol City fixture in the League Cup on Tuesday night by saying, "No", adding that he wants to win both games and competitions; cannot take our Premier League neighbours lightly and has already learnt to take Championship sides seriously also. Very wise.

So aside from injury-absences to Vincent Kompany, Benjamin Mendy, Gabriel Jesus, Phil Foden and POSSIBLY Kyle Walker - along with the possibility of David Silva being given more compassionate leave too - we should see, more or less, a full-strength side today as well as on Tuesday night. Keep taking the energy products and take advantage of all the facilities at the training camp lads!

It'll be a tough one today - aside from the physicality of playing so many games over the festive period - in terms of breaking down such an organised and otherwise impressive Burnley side...but I think we'll squeeze past them and into the 4th round.

I'll see how it goes with regards to a pre-Bristol City Blog-posting.

In the meantime, if anyone better informed and with more time than I have at the moment wants to post a comment to let me and others know when (and who) the last time we drew a side from the bottom two divisions in a domestic cup competition then I, for one, would appreciate it. And if anyone knows the answer to that, I wouldn't mind also knowing the time before that too. 

Why? Well, basically, whether it's in the League Cup or F.A. Cup we ALWAYS seem to draw a Premier League side or a team from the Championship...and usually a decent Championship side too!

Thanks, as always, for reading and once again sorry that I've not constructed the usual pre-match posting.

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