Tuesday, 2 May 2017

A belated…what WAS he thinking?!

I received an on-line survey from MCFC the other day regarding how I felt as a fan over the last month.


It covered a range of subjects but the very final question required just one word. It asked me for…one word, to describe my feelings towards Manchester City over the last month. I must admit that despite posting mostly positive replies to the other questions, I did make that one word, “frustrating”, which I think sums up a lot at the moment. 


I think I probably would have used that word even if I’d have received the e-mail before the Boro game but…FLIPPIN’ ‘ECK! What was Pep playin’ at?!

Baffling decision.

So we tootle off to the pub to watch The Blues and, shortly afterwards, the team news came out. Now the TV graphics don’t always get the formation [against listed players] correct but on this occasion, I had to agree; it looked like it was going to be a 3-5-2!

Now we…MIGHT, under Guardiola, have employed that formation for a brief time during a game when forced to after injuries to personnel and with what we had left…but I honestly can’t recall that. If we did, it obviously didn’t work very well and the decision was made not to do it again [until Boro that is of course].

He had 2-½ days to prep for this game and he does…that?!

I’m still beside myself with puzzlement at our manager’s decision and although he changed it in the second half; by then Boro’s ‘tail was up’ (had been ever since our first 8-minute “dominance”) and they were all over us and our shell-shocked-looking-defence!

And did no-one at City tell Pep about the ‘Boro factor’ in our history? I tried to

Manyoo had messed up at home again just minutes earlier – drawing ANOTHER one on home soil – and so the situation was there for the taking! Advantage City. But…oh no; he has to d*ck around with it and put us-City fans ‘through the mill’ just a little bit more, didn’t he?

Okay we had players who might have needed a rest after the speed in which this game arrived after the midweek Derby match but…jeeze!

Of course, it’s still ‘advantage City’ over Manyoo but flippin’ Liverpool just had to go and sneak a 0-1 away win last night, didn’t they? We still have a game in hand over the Merseysiders but that goal difference is pretty damn close.

That’s it really – just a little moan before I set off for work. Palace up at home next – a week to rest players and re-practice a 4-4-1-1, 4-5-1, 4-4-2-type formation…

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