Thursday, 19 May 2016

Manchester City - Prediction outcome results

For a bit of fun, every season since the 2013/14 campaign and after the summer transfer window has closed, I attempt to predict not only where we might finish in the Premier League and what other silverware we might pick up along the way; but also, rather boldly if you don’t mind me adding, where the other 19 clubs will finish in the league too.


Here are the results of this season’s attempt that have…varying degrees of success.

Firstly, my predicted league table that I posted in September 2015

1st Manchester City (Up one from last season…AND CHAMPS!)
2nd Manyoo (Up two…and league 'runners up')
3rd Chelsea (Down two…but still in an automatic Champs League spot)
4th Arsenal (Down one…and forced through the Champs League qual games)
5th Swansea City (Up three…and into a Europa spot)
6th Tottenham Hotspur (Down one…and into a Europa spot)
7th Liverpool (Down one…and possibly into a Europa spot)
8th West Ham United (Up four…and joint-best league climbers’ form last season)
9th Crystal Palace (Up one)
10th Leicester City (Up four…and joint-best league climbers’ form last season)
11th Southampton (Down four)
12th Everton (Down one)
13th Watford (Not applicable)
14th West Bromwich Albion (Down one)
15th Stoke City (Down six…and biggest league fallers from last season)
16th Bournemouth (Not applicable)
17th Newcastle United (Down two)
18th Aston Villa (Down one…and relegated)
19th Norwich City (Not applicable…and relegated)
20th Sunderland (Down four…and relegated as the bottom side)

And so…

1st Leicester City (9 places up on my prediction…but can you blame me?!)
2nd Arsenal (2 up on my prediction – close!)
3rd Tottenham Hotspur (3 up on my prediction)
4th Manchester City (3 down on my prediction)
5th Manyoo (3 down on my prediction)
6th Southampton (5 up on my prediction)
7th West Ham United (1 up on my prediction – NEARLY!)
8th Liverpool (1 down on my prediction – NEARLY!)
9th Stoke City (5 up on my prediction)
10th Chelsea (7 down on my prediction but, like Leicester, can you blame me?)
11th Everton (1 up on my prediction – NEARLY!)
12th Swansea City (7 down on my prediction)
13th Watford (SPOT ON!)
14th West Bromwich Albion (SPOT ON!)
15th Crystal Palace (6 down on my prediction)
16th Bournemouth (SPOT ON!)
17th Sunderland (3 up on my prediction and wrong about them going down)
18th Newcastle (1 down on predication (CLOSE!), wrong about ‘em just surviving)
19th Norwich City (SPOT ON!)
20th Aston Villa (2 down on prediction (close), right about 'em getting relegated)

Point to note: All 3 promoted teams from the previous season I got SPOT ON! Weird...

Onto City’s cup campaigns predictions

Prediction: Quarter Final.
Outcome: Wrong by 2 rounds, after getting to final and winning it!

Prediction: Finalists at least and, therefore, very possible winners.
Outcome: Wrong by 4 rounds, as we went out in the 5th round…no thanks to the English Football Association and ill-thought, critical comments from Alan Shearer.

Prediction: Round of 8 (quarter finals)
Outcome: Wrong by just 1 round, as we got as far as the semi-finals!

So…with something that is so very hard to predict anyway added to a crazy, unpredictable season that we’ve just experienced; can I give myself a 6.5/10 for effort?

Thanks, as always, for taking the time to visit / read.

Addition (update):

I forgot to add that I always do a Premier-League-only, pre-season and then a pre-match prediction and at the end of the season, I do a 'precentage correct' on both. Interestingly this season, it just goes to underline - compared with other seasons - just what an unpredictable season it has been.

                                         Pre-season prediction              Pre-game prediction

Percentage correct 2011/12:           57.9%                                  65.8%

Percentage correct 2012/13:             65.8%                                   68.4%

Percentage correct 2013/14:           63.2%                                  71.1%

Percentage correct 2014/15:           60.5%                                  55.3%

Percentage correct 2015/16:           50%                                     55.3%


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