Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The latest disappointment is brought to you…

…by the letters “T”, for Typical, and “U”, for unpredictable.

I just can’t get my head around this season

I meanPellegrini plays 2 defensive midfielders at home to WBA and has to swap personnel like crazy [to more creative / attacking midfielders] to just about scrape 3 points at home. He then gives me, at least, 'heart flutters' with his team selection away at Chelsea by choosing NO defensive midfielder at the same time as Kolarov is in at left-back – a gamble I have to say that paid off in eventual and impressive style. Well done.

But then last night he breaks up a defensive partnership that’s been improving hugely of late to…what? Give Vinny some game-fitness time? Could he not have come on for 30 minutes once we’d 'put the game to bed', which we were very capable of doing?

Delph on the left? Really? Delph…a left-winger? Not instead, could I suggest, working hard in the middle to break-up any Newcastle threat / protect the back-4?

Bony on for the last 12 minutes (including injury time) instead of Iheanacho? Really? REALLY?! Why?

Typical! We win away impressively 3-0 to the current champions of England and when we had an opportunity to really leap-up the league / pull away against a still-very-fragile-looking Newcastle side who still find themselves in the relegation zone; we produce a sloppy and very much fragmented display as we did last night.

And where does it leave us? Well it leaves the door wide open for Arsenal to move ahead of us again on Thursday night and, before that, West Ham & Manyoo to gain some ground tonight; particularly the latter!

And what concerns me even more in this largely dour blog-posting is that we have Stoke at home on Saturday; a game that finishes just 77 hours, or there abouts, before a certain game against acertain team from Spain. And we all know what Pellegrini is prone to doing before those type of fixtures and, indeed, did when we played Stoke at their place earlier on in the season…

Sorry, as I say, for sounding a little ‘miffed’...but that’s exactly how I felt after last night’s ‘missed opportunity’ to build / maintain a league gap. That’s how Manchester City, of course, can and, indeed, have made us feel for many years.

And as much as I love him for what he’s done and won for us over 3 seasons this is exactly how Manuel Pellegrini’s, sometimes-crazy-decisions leaves me feeling - scuffing my feet on the ground with my head down in frustration; grumbling to myself and asking…WHY?!

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