Thursday, 14 January 2016

Possession but no punch

After a first half that was largely ‘even Steven’, I thought we pretty much dominated the last 45+. It’s just a shame, then, that we were largely toothless in our attacks.

Credit to Everton?

Well to a point (no draw-pun intended). They were certainly energetic in the first half and even when largely on the back foot in the second; they were organised enough to keep us out. It was a frustrating sort of night…


No need for debate here – YES!

Could Pellegrini have done more?

Well yes – the biggest head-scratcher of the night was sticking to just one substitute. Kevin De Bruyne had to come off; not for the first time this season I witnessed a player full of ability but who, for some reason, has some really dismal off-nights. Last night, nothing he did came off.

And we were told by our manager before the game that David Silva wouldn’t be able to play both Everton AND Crystal Palace – I assume, then, he’ll be starting on Saturday...

But why on EARTH did our engineer not stick Kelechi Iheanacho behind or alongside Sergio Aguero?! Surely with 25 minutes to go that combo had a good chance of yielding something? He could have stuck Fabian Delph on for Yaya Toure at the same time to solidify the midfield if that was a concern to him.

Fair result?

No, a 2-0 home win would have reflected both the percentage play and huge chances-difference.

We’ve ‘done a Harry’ again!

But despite more dropped home points we’ve somehow managed to do a Harry Houdini again. Although West Ham United gained some ground and the night belonged to 1-0 away winners Leicester City; Arsenal could only gain a point and a quietly-rolling-on Tottenham Hotspur saw no points at home (to the afore mentioned Foxes).

And so STILL despite our season coughing & spluttering along; we find ourselves still-3rd in the Premier League and just 3 points off the top! Still in all competitions too - just when WILL our luck (bad injuries throughout the season so far taken into account) run out?

Here’s to a much needed 3-points and good performance on Saturday against Palace…as well as an unlikely striker signing / loan-signing at the very least in the next 18 days (with our manager's continued reluctance to use Kelechi more).