Friday, 7 August 2015

Pellegrini’s new contract – why it means…

…so very much and so very little.


Brief one…

If there is such a thing that players won’t perform as well for a manager THEY believe won’t be at their club next season; then this is a FANTASIC move by Manchester City. PLUS POINT.

If Manuel Pellegrini was (and I doubt it) the sort of manager that might not be quite so motivated either in-thinking that this was his last season; then this also has been ‘put t bed’. PLUS POINT.

For those City fans who groaned at the news [about Pellegrini’s new deal extension]; reasoning that-this now kills off any hopes of Pep Guardiloa then I say fear not Blues; contracts mean almost nothing these days and, at the very least, this will give ‘The Engineer’ a well-deserved ‘pay off’ should we swap the Chilean for the Spaniard next season. PLUS POINT.

This will now silence the inevitable season-long, weekly torrent of ‘Pep talk’ / 'Pellegrini exit'…or should at least. PLUS POINT.

One thing is for sure – I don’t think many (or any) saw this one coming…

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