Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Brief one…v Leicester City.

With very little time to do a build-up Blog posting before tomorrow evening’s ‘must win’ at home to Leicester City; it’s straight into a predicted line-up, subs & outcome…

v Leicester City










Hart between the sticks.

The often-rotated full backs to swap once again for Gael & Bacary and Martin to step in for some much-needed calmness at the back alongside suffering Vinny.

Hold on to your hats folks…I THINK James Milner will get a start! I’m not saying he’ll be in the middle against The Foxes; he might be on the right, allowing David to be far more effective down the middle (although we won’t then really have a ‘ball winner’ in there). Yaya & Samir make up the other 2 across the middle.

With him showing some kind of league “form” against Newcastle & Liverpool; Edin joins Sergio yet again in a ‘2 up top’.

“Regulars” who don’t even get a ‘bench spot’ are Kolarov, Fernando & Jovetic.

Result? I’m not saying this because of a personal, ‘downer hangover’ from the Liverpool performance / result; I’m not saying this because of the shocking statistic that Leicester City have won the last THREE Premier League fixtures at the Etihad and I’m not necessarily jumping all over the 4-4-2 debate again just for the hell of it (but)…

If he does go with this line-up against Nigel Pearson’s men they I think we’ll be way too light, once again, in midfield against a team who’ll make Liverpool’s home formation of 3-6-1 look like an all-out attacking formation. They WILL come to defend in numbers and will pack the midfield in doing so and, so once again, we shouldn’t necessarily go sticking two battering rams up against their solid back door.

This isn’t a game for Dzeko either and it requires a far more fluid midfield whereby we can attack them from all sorts of angles.

Here’s mine…











Subs: Caballero, Sagna, Mangala, Fernandinho, Lampard, Bony, Dzeko

So…result? A very sad and season-ending draw. Hope I’m very, very wrong…

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