Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A letter to Yaya Toure.

Dear Yaya.

I understand that you might be off to Inter Milan, Paris Saint-Germain or somewhere else in the summer? Of course that’s what the press are saying…

Well I just wanted to write to say that if you do decide to move away then you’ve already won the respect of nearly every Manchester City supporter and although they would be disappointed to see you leave; they would also, I’m quite certain, send you on your way with their blessing and with the admiration you deserve.

Of course we had a few moments towards the end of last season that, for me, got a little ‘skewed’ to say the least; when the focus all seemed to be about your employer not marking your birthday properly, which then, from a fans perspective at least, got overly stoked-up by your agent-friend.

But I’m sure I wasn’t alone in noticing on the pitch that you appeared slightly irritable in the final few weeks of last season; it was clear to me at least that there was something greater on your mind. And I repeat - in that I’m sure I wasn’t alone - in not realising at the time that you even had another brother [other than Kolo] and that Ibrahim was so terribly ill.

When the news broke that you did-indeed have a very sick brother that had sadly passed away while you were out of the country, I can honestly assure you that the Manchester City fans that I spoke to at least not only felt extremely sorry for you and your family but, equally, were very impressed and equally grateful that you were able to perform on the pitch to the standard that you did during that terribly difficult personal time; and, of course, in helping us to win the League Cup and Premier League title as you did.

For that – and for everything you’ve given our football club – we are and will be eternally grateful.

So why am I writing to you (something I very rarely do - the first time that I’ve written to a player / manager in 20+ years in fact)?

Well it’s quite simply this.

Although you are already, as I’ve said, held in high regard by Manchester City fans for the years of service and tremendous times you have given us; contributing so much to our most successful period ever in our history (or certainly in my lifetime at least); if you are to leave for pastures new in the summer then I want to ask you to go out with a BANG!

Sorry to use a ‘cake’ analogy Yaya; but go out now and stick a cherry on the icing of your Manchester City career cake…and stick a couple of sparklers on it too while you’re at it.

Go and help us retain the title; something this football club now needs to do in order to really ‘push on’ to the next level and to make many in the footballing world really sit up and take proper notice, in my opinion.

Go from being ‘really well appreciated’ to the level where Manchester City Football Club will have to seriously consider naming something after you some time in the future.

From 5:30pm on Saturday 21st February to about 4:50pm on Sunday 24th May 2015 go and become a real Manchester City Legend!

Thank you and, in great anticipation…thank you!

Steve (and on behalf of all those Manchester City fans who think likewise).

Posted: 18.02.2015

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