Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Best laid (Blog) plans...

The scene was all set - I'd been making a list for weeks of the more-realistic, transfer-rumoured possibilities; I'd done my own assessment of where we stood squad & finance-wise, I'd even started to type the flippin' thing into a Word document and the transfer window had just opened.


My plan was largely formulated assuming that any incoming deals would take an AGE to come to fruition in this often-frustrating window but, instead, what happens next? By the 6th of January we were already in advanced talks with Wilfried Bony, his agent (no doubt) and Swansea City...and it appears as though we're not so far away from signing the fella for something in the region of £28M. Huhhhh...


So...Blog-posting plans well 'n' truly set aside for now; I might still reassess the possibility of us signing a second and, perhaps, even a third player in the window (assuming this one happens of course); especially seeing as we've gone off like a sprint-race-gun!

But for now at least, I'll simply enjoy the news that, additionally, we should have Vincent Kompany in the starting line-up for the Everton clash on Saturday (3:00pm KO GMT) and may even have both Edin Dzeko and Sergio Aguero on the bench!

Apologies for the lack of a postings recently; THAT (above), a brief new year's holiday and 'that post-celebration ugh feeling' are the reasons. Back in work today (booooo...) but I'll get a pre-Everton game Blog-posting out soon enough, I'm sure, and will then try to pick through the transfer window pieces as time allows.

Thanks as always for 'checking in'!

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