Sunday, 1 June 2014

Fernando 'The Octopus' rumours.

It's 1st June and rumblings have started in the last hour (from around 6:00pm BST) that a deal to sign Fernando from Porto has been struck. A fee of between £12M & £16M has been quoted for the almost 27-year old defensive midfielder and he is, apparently, due to fly into Manchester later this week to 'put pen to paper'.

The 5th defender...

He certainly has fantastic tackling ability...

 ...and I can see why, when he hooks those long legs of his around to snatch the ball away from his prey, they call him 'The Octopus'.

I hope he can continue to time those tackle as perfectly as he shows in the video above; he does a lot with 'both feet' and could come under the scrutiny of Premier League Referees if he's not careful.

There's been a Yaya - Kolo song...could there now be a Fernando - Fernandinho one?

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