Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Take heart but also take heed City…

What a fantastic and unbelievable 11 minutes at Selhurst Park last night! 0-3 down, dead ‘n’ buried for it to then end Crystal Palace 3-3 Liverpool. That should serve as a boost to our players…but it should also serve as a warning at what can happen if you’re not 100% for the whole 90+ minutes in the Premier League.

I thought I was dreaming…

…no, literally. Having been up since 6:30am, I had a Bank Holiday of [domestic bliss] dog walking, the weekly shop, gardening and then the almost-obligatory afternoon / evening alcohol; I was in the land of ‘Zzzz…’s by about 9:00pm. Apparently my wife turn the game on downstairs at 67 minutes [at 0-3] and gave out a little scream of “C’mon!” when Palace pulled it back to 2-3. I didn’t hear a thing.

I then have a vague recollection of her coming into the [spare] room to tell me that Liverpool had been 3-0 up but that Palace had now equalised! I think I responded with a grunt and the next minute I knew it was 1:05am.

And he usually loves kisses the camera...
I lay puzzled for a moment. Had I dreamt it? So I turned Sky Sports on just in time to see the post-mortem. Oh my God! It wasn’t a dream; they actually did it! I watched what I could, fell asleep again and have, of course, been absorbed into it for most of the morning.


It’s up to us now…

The City players have been ‘tweeting’ – they too are in shock but, thankfully, those who have chosen to share their feelings sound resolute not the mess this one up now. We NEED to put this one to bed by slamming Aston Villa into the canvas tomorrow night.

(Correction made - 07.05.2014)

If we DO take all 3 points tomorrow night we’ll have that ‘cushion’; that a draw will do it on the final day…JUST in case there’s a final, final twist. I don’t want that scenario of course; neither do I expect it.

So, prediction time regarding Pellegrini’s line-up, formation and subs…












Update - 06.05.2014 at 3:42pm: No mention in Manuel's press conference so far of Jesus Navas being injured / unavailable so will assume that he is available for selection.

Early indications are that Aguero isn’t going to make tomorrow night’s game [but might be fit for Sunday]. I think it’s safe to say that Navas is still out and that Nastasic still has more fitness work to do.

So the biggest question is, will he risk David Silva? Will the Spaniard be fit enough? I think if there’s a chance of him being 85% or more - particularly with Sergio being out - I think he’ll pitch him in there behind Edin.

Working backwards...
That’s a strong midfield; full of both industry and creativity.

A strong defensive back 3…with Kolarov providing a more attacking thrust at home.

It’s shame the Dzeko / Negredo combo doesn’t work because, at home in a game where a win is so very vital; it would be preferable to go with 2 strikers. Similarly I’d love Jovetic to be given a chance…but I suppose we can’t afford “chances” at this very late and crucial stage. It’s good to have them on the bench though.

The all-important result? I just can’t see our lads not having their tails up and taking this one with both hands. If there ARE any nerves exhibited by our players then the crowd must play their part and really give them a vocal confidence boost. It’s a City win for me.


Finally it’s been announced that for breaking FFP we have been given a reduction in Champions League playing squad from 24 to 21 and a WHOPPING £49M fine! The 3-man reduction doesn’t appear too bad to me but at first glace that’s one HELL of a harsh and extreme financial fine!

Further details, however, doesn’t make it seem quite so scary [not to our mega-rich owners anyway]. Apparently the fine can be paid over 3 years and can come directly from the owners themselves – it will in no way impinge on Club finances and certainly won’t count towards future financial scrutinies.

It still seems like a severe financial beating though, especially when you consider the huge finances being poured into infrastructure intended to both promote & develop youth football as well as to give something back to the local community.
Thanks UEFA...


  1. Interesting, Steve.
    I think Pellegrini will go with Negredo/Dzeko up front. He's done it before earlier this season, with mixed success, but I just feel that's what he'll do, rightly or wrongly.
    Milner drops out therefore, for me, and replaces Clichy on your bench.

    As an aside, I've clicked the e-mail notification of new posts via Feedburner (done it twice in fact on two different e-mail accounts), but it still doesn't appear to work, despite getting confirmation everything is OK.
    Only by checking back on the site have I found new posts. Any ideas?

  2. Hi Colin is...

    ...I'll have a look into why that might be with regards to e-mail alerts and will post my findings. Cheers.