Sunday, 12 January 2014


Left-back link!

And he's English too!

I'm certainly not moaning but regular readers should understand - and perhaps see the funny side - when I say, "typical"; at a time where both Clichy and Kolarov and showing signs of regaining their form and improving respectively, this morning's speculation in the various press sources sees us being linked with Southampton's, England under-21 left-back Luke Shaw.

Is the estimated £30M too much for an 18-year old with only 42 first-team club games under his belt? Of course it is (and is the sort of price that can put too much pressure on a youngster) and so I would expect us to negotiate that down a little if the stories have any mileage it them.


He's certainly the right age for our future-building policy, he's just what the new, Premier League 'home-grown rule' demands and is a position we definitely need to strengthen; and so this link ticks all the right boxes and makes perfect sense.


  1. Steve
    £30m way to much as you say for a teenager. He gets good press due to him playing in the Prem. Is there no other young players out there that we could buy and then mould. As I have said to you previously I think Sam Byram at Leeds would be a better option. Cheaper to start with and getting good experience playing in the first team. I reckon we could get him for about £10m and that would be a bargain at todays prices.

    1. Cheers for that. Sorry for delay in responding, have had some PC issues today - thought it was a gonner a one stage!

      Not seem him play. As you say, he's a right [and not left] back but if Micah's injuries don't improve over time, he's certainly an option worth looking at as competition for Zaba. Young and English with PLENTY of Championship experience. I wonder why he hasn't got any England youth-team experience; U-16s, 17s or 18s etc?

    2. Steve

      At Leeds annual end of season awards on 27 April 2013, Byram won the Player of the Year Award, Young Player of the Year Award, Players Player of the Year Award and also the Supporters Club Player of the Year Award.

      For me if we want to start bringing English players in, someone like this should be the type of player we should be looking at.

      He was in the England U20's squad but withdrew. Also having a brother in law who played for England school boys albeit early 80's it's all about power and pace and height. They dont pick 4' nothing school kids to play its all about how big they are. Our kid says there were 2 other lads who played for Greater Manchester boys who were twice as good as him but never got a looking for national honours because of their size.

    3. Well, he sure sounds very good (that's a hell of a lot of club honours!) Yep, my Nephew was disregarded by a few clubs in the late 80s/early 90s because of his size and he's now a 6-foot Sport's Teacher still playing footy at 34 (albeit not top level of course)! 8- )

  2. Albeit being a right back of course, we could always send Boyata in the other direction.